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Examples of the quality stock we have available at Second Cut

"I bought my first Kubota mower in 1987 and it was 6 years old then! I don't have the same model now (I traded it in for a rotovator), but have used Kubota products since then. I've been continually impressed with them, they are built to last and easy to use."

Second Cut have been working on land services machinery for over 30 years. Our experience has come directly through working on big estates, ministry of defence land and many other public and private landlords, and we see the benefits of great reliable machinery such as our range of lawn tractors as something important to bring to Scotland.

Second Cut will buy your old ride-on mower and offer you a fair price in exchange for one of our superior products.

Second Cut are based in East Lothian, with regular visits to Wales, Glasgow, and the North of England providing land services.

Second Cut - Kubota Mowers offering best value!

Second Cut are busy through the year, servicing and preparing mowers for the next season. Here's two photographs of a stripped down G1700 which went through a comprehensive service over the winter.

G1700 Servicing
G1700 Servicing

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